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The Bright Kids Career Pipeline

Performance Appraisal

We conduct comprehensive appraisals twice a year, allowing you to have a 360 review of your strengths and weaknesses on the various criterion. This will help you shape your developmental goals.

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Skills Assessment

Through the various skills categories as extracted from the ECDA skills framework, you will get an insight each year on your developmental needs. This would help us share your mentorship program and Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses with you over the new year.

Career Progression

After all these processes, the company would have a promotion/ role designation exercise twice a year to better reflect and execute upon the aspirations and growth of our co-workers.

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Career Aspirations

Have a direction/ niche that you would like to head to? Fancy career progression/development? We would like to help to develop you in one or more of these three Domains: Curriculum, Mentoring and Operations. In our Annual Career Aspirations review, you would get to indicate your mission, domain and your targeted growth.

Individual Performance Developmental Map

inidividual performance developmental ma

This is done annually (with a mid-year revisit) to help you gain mastery in your role/aspiration and work on development points in the performance review and skills assessment. This will be conducted through CPD courses and our internal mentorship program.

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Begin a career with Bright Kids

What will the superstar version of yourself do?

Career Aspirations

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Join our curriculum team to make an impact in the core of our business, where we provide a premiere early childhood education that would impact hundreds of lives.

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Join us as a teacher mentor to foster cross learning. Make your influence and expertise count, not just in the class that you hold, but the across the company.

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Hone your leadership skills by understanding what makes a centre run. Prepare yourself challenges such as manpower allocation and introducing our centre to prospective parents.

Career Pathways 


Beginning Educator              Educator             Senior Educator           Lead Educator            Principal            Senior Principal



Beginning Educarer          Educarer          Senior Educarer         


Join Our Team!

Infant Educarer
Educarer (Punggol 192)
Educarer (Jurong West)
Preschool Teacher

Join the Bright Kids Team

Passionate about teaching?

Apply a position with us through a mycareersfuture/ JobStreet account or email your resume to

Preschool Teacher (Punggol)
Senior Preschool Teacher (Punggol)
In Bright Kids, we provide experiential learning which includes internship and practicum opportunities. Send your resume to
Location: Punggol | Pasir Ris | Jurong West
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