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We believe that learning should be fun to encourage positive learning attitude within each child. In a comfortable classroom environment festooned with enthralling posters and well-thought-out programs, children are engaged in an effective and fun learning process. Today, Bright Kids’ centres are located across Punggol, Pasir Ris and Jurong West.

Only available at:

Punggol Central Blk 192


Jurong West Street 61 Blk 641

Infant Care Programme


Childcare and Kindergarten Programme

Our Curriculum

The early childhood curriculum here at Bright Kids is judiciously designed to facilitate children’s development and learning with the aid of necessary materials needed to support the implementation of our programs. Our educators are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and principles to educate our young children to achieve the learning outcomes when they graduate from Bright Kids. 


Our theme-based curriculum is known to have aligned with both Early Years Development Framework and Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework. Alongside with English engagement programs, our children are enriched by professionally designed Mandarin programs to accentuate the importance of bilingualism. This ensures that every child here graduates with the ability to speak both languages with similar proficiency.


Child Initiated / Sustainability

"Facilitating children's development through innovative environmental stimulation."

Here in Bright Kids, we have adopted the project approach twice a year in June and November.
Children are engaged in projects based on their interests and sustainability. It gives autonomy to children to find answers to their questions. Children will be encouraged to protect our world and achieve sustainable development goals through the projects. We strongly believe that children are active learners, and they learn best when taking ownership of their learning. Therefore, these projects provide our children with an opportunity to be involved throughout the entire learning process.

Process of a project approach:
Phase 1: Getting started - choosing the topic for investigation, discussing what is known, make a list of questions about the topic.
Phase 2: Investigation - look for answers to the questions, collect new information, engage in exploratory activities and discuss things. 
Phase 3: Concluding the project - compare what they knew before and what they have found out, create collaterals to share their findings/story, and decide on concluding the activity.

Our Chinese Curriculum

Bright Kids offers Mandarin Programmes as the second language and it accentuate the importance of bilingualism. We ensure that every child graduates with the ability to converse and write in Chinese. It also encompasses in focusing on the learning areas similar to the English curriculum. We offer Hanyu Piyin, calligraphy* and spelling in the programme.

Our children are also enriched by professionally designed Mandarin programmes to accentuate the importance of bilingualism. Ensuring that every child here graduates with the ability to speak both languages with similar proficiency. 

通过我们学院与家长们和社区的密切合作, 再与小学相互衔接;综合利用各种教育资源,满足幼儿多方面发展的需要, 使他们在快乐的童年中获得有益于身心发展的经验。

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is a form of art that enhance the meaning of written words by infusing beauty, texture, and dignity along with the mere words on paper. 

JW calligraphy 2.JPG
JW Calligraphy.JPG
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