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Infant Educator (Punggol 192 & JW)

Job Responsibilities


  • Be in-tune with the needs of young children.

  • Fosters a quality learning environment. This is done via the carrying out of a progressive and culturally sound curriculum.

  • Be sensitive to each child’s needs (in a group setting) via respectful, reciprocal interactions and relationships.

  • Provide routine care such as bathing, diapering

  • Follow curriculum framework to plan and provide teaching and care.

  • Follow health, safety, nutritional and hygiene standards.

  • Help to watch and document children’s learning.

  • Provide warmth and care to instil a sense of security in children.

  • Review how children learn and grow.

  • Take part in constant learning and reflective practices.

  • Takes charge in building trust and respectful partnerships with parents and families.

  • Aids the centre in engaging the community.

  • Actively joins and aids in centre initiatives.

  • Fosters teamwork and promotes good relationships with colleagues.

  • Understand the centre’s vision, mission and values.

  • Uphold ethics and professionalism.

  • Use emotional competence to manage self at the workplace.


Job Requirements

  • 'N' Levels and above

  • Certified at ECDA EY2/L2 category

  • No prior experience required

  • Applicable to Singaporeans/PR

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