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Bright Kids @ Punggol 175D

Block 175D, Punggol Field, #01-531, Singapore (824175)  

Contact US: +65 6875 6330

“Teachers here in Bright Kids are caring and kind. Their constructive feedback sessions are useful for me as a parent to better understand Aiden's intellectual, social, emotional, motor abilities and performance level in class. I definitely appreciate such efforts from the teachers ”

— Liu Xiao Yang, Parent of Aiden (2018)

Welcome to Bright Kids School House at Punggol 175D!

In March 2004, our school officially opened our doors to the Punggol community, welcoming new intakes of different age group. In efforts to ensure the competency of our group of teachers, we constantly seek to improve ourselves with skills and knowledge so as to keep up with the Early Childhood trends. 

Our center was also presented the Singapore Pre-school Accreditation Framework (SPARKS) in 2016.  


We are a Partner Operator (POP) appointed by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and took part in the Healthy Meals Pre-school Programme (HMPP) in efforts to ensure that children of Bright Kids have a balanced diet.

Types of Services:

18 months to 30 months old



30 months to 3 years old


K1: Above 4 years old to 5 years old


K2: Above 5 years old to below 7 years old  


In order to ensure that our child goes through a holistic developmental journey, it is vital for us to cultivate a positive learning attitude, which encourages children to express interest in picking up new knowledge. With a positive learning attitude, children will learn to embrace new challenges instead of avoiding them. Hence, this helps to build a strong foundation, which will potentially help our children in future when encountering an ever-changing environment. 


2019:North East CDC Ecokids Programme

2018-2019: Children's Society Kidzlive: I can protect myself campaighn 

2018: Touch Community Services 

Annual HPB H-Team Raving Exhibit 

To allow children to have a deeper understanding of their environment and exercise social responsibilities.

Community Projects


1. Family Day: River and Night Safari

2.Fun Lunch

3. Mother's Day Tea

4. Breakfast with Dad

5. Talk on transitioning to primary school conducted by our teacher parent. 

We strongly believe in working closely with parents to foster a sense-of-belonging at school in order to facilitate an engaging learning environment. 

Partnership with Parents

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