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Our Learning Philosophy (In-children)

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Bright Values


Be bold to accept new challenges, not being afraid to learn from failures,  and persevere till the end.


Be considerate of other's feelings.


Be experimental in the learning process to show creativity during exploration.


Be appreciative of the little things in life and be kind towards others.


Be sincere and truthful to the people around us.


Be accepting towards differences, embrace diversity and show compassion towards others.

In Bright Kids, our children learn through exploration, engagement, experiences and develop BRIGHT values to be good citizens.


Teachers create opportunities, learning experiences and an authentic learning environment for children to explore. Children are curious explorers who venture to search for answers to their questions.


Children’s active participation will engage children in having an inquiring attitude towards learning. Active engagement in children promotes academic success, confidence and challenge seeking.


Children will learn through their Experiences and navigate the path to the future. Children gain knowledge from first-hand experiences through the processes and reflection.

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