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Playgroup and Pre-Nursery
(18months to 36 months)

The curriculum provides children with an enriching, engaging learning environment and activities to explore and acquire knowledge. Teachers plan integrated activities to foster the holistic development of children.


Focused Learning areas: 

Early language & pre-literacy skills

- Encourage vocabulary development, phonological and phonemic awareness

Cognitive and Early numeracy

Understanding of numbers, counting, noticing patterns, measuring and solving number problems

Social & Emotional Development

Allow children to manage their own emotions and behaviours. Embrace diversity, communicate, interact and build relationships with others

Physical Development

Development of better motor skills, concentration and thinking skills

Natural Environment 

To promote children's sense of wonder, topics on weather, insects and animals can be discussed. Anything in the nature.

Aesthetics Expression

Provide children with opportunities to express their creativity and develop motor skills

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