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Bright Kids @ Punggol 173D

Block 173D, Punggol Field, #01-635, Singapore (824173)

Contact: +65 6343 6626

Welcome to Bright Kids School House at Punggol 173D! Our center has successfully operated since February 2004 and was presented the Singapore Pre-school Accreditation Framework (SPARKS) in 2016.  



We are a Partner Operator (POP) appointed by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and took part in the Healthy Meals Pre-school Programme (HMPP) in efforts to ensure that children of Bright Kids have a balanced diet.

Types of Services:

18 months to 30 months old



30 months to 3 years old


K1: Above 4 years old to 5 years old


K2: Above 5 years old to below 7 years old  


Healthy Pre-school (HPS) accreditation:

With the adoption of holistic teaching approach, our programme emphasizes largely on children's social, emotional and physical development.

In addition, our participation in Singapore Books of Record has allowed us to create engaging learning experiences for our children, while facilitating high-quality early childhood programs. With a team of passionate and trained teachers who believe that paving a strong foundation begins with the learning experiences in school, our children are inclined towards a bright future with the potential of achieving greater things. 

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2019: Keep Clean Singapore 

2016-2019: Touch community services - Hong Bao Blessing Projects 

2016-2019: Bright Hill Evergreen Home 

2015: The Salvation Army and "Drive-thru" Rainbow Charity

2018: Charity Drive for the Wildlife Nature Reserve 

To allow children to have a deeper understanding of their environment and exercise social responsibilities.

Community Projects


1. Volunteering in Bright Hill Evergreen Home 

2. Active participation during circle time to present based on the theme

3. Participation in workshops, celebration and events 

4. Family Day  

We strongly believe in working closely with parents to foster a sense-of-belonging at school in order to facilitate an engaging learning environment. 

Partnership with Parents

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