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Start Small Dream Big 2021


Children learn about caring for the environment with the tittle of the project GO GREEN, GROW GREEN 

  • Be exposed and take care of the different plants in a garden

  • Combat climate change by planting trees and plants

  • Go on excursions to learn from expert on how to take care of plants

  • Harvest the fruits and vegetables that they have successfully grown

Charity Drive 2020

173 SKGH Charity Drive.jpeg

We got parents to donate items such as chicken essence, milo packets, coffee packets, oatmeal bars, and many more items to create care packs for our health care providers. This is for children, parents, and teachers to show their appreciation for their contribution during the pandemic. Children were also engaged in making Body scrub for them. We delivered 200 over care packs to Sengkang General Hospital.

Start Small Dream Big 2020

173 SSDB 2020.jpeg

Children learn about Global Warming, Pollutants and what can they do to save the Earth. Children engage in this project to create lyrics for their song "Heal the Earth" inspired by Micheal Jackson, "Heal the World". Parents and children participate by making 3 oaths on how they will contribute to reducing paper wastage. Children make paper using old newspapers, old books, and used papers. K2 children also serve ambassadors to advise other children to use tissue paper wisely and on how to reduce paper wastage.

Bright Hill Evergreen Home 2019

173 brighthill evergreen home.jpg

This is our 3rd year in collaboration with Bright Hill Evergreen Home and parents volunteers were invited to help out in the event. Children served breakfast to the elderly, Workout session, karaoke session with musical instruments. We played a game of Bingo with the elderly with children and parent volunteers guiding them. They were delighted to received gifts when they hit the "BINGO”.

North East Clean and Green Carnival


173 North East Clean and Green Carnival.

Children participated by putting up their stage performances for this carnival and showcased their talents during this event. At the same time, they spread the message about keeping Singapore clean and healthy to the audiences through their performances. Children participated at this event on the 9th of November 2019 at Oasis Terraces Community Plaza.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore 2019

(Educational Talk)

Keep Clean Singapore Campaign! Beach Cle

Similar to our collaboration in 2018, we help raise funds for the Wildlife Reserves Singapore and we received a complimentary education talk for children and parents to understand more about the importance of wildlife and the efforts for conservation. Children had a chance to understand how the contribution would have helped the animals.

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