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Start Small Dream Big 2021


Year 2021, we are still adjusting our lifestyle to survive with Covid 19. There are families struggling with stable income, thus, this year project started up with the tittle of Sharing is caring. 

A food bank booth was set up by the teachers at the school entrance, parents were invited to join us and donate food to people in need during Hari Raya period. 

We nurture kindness in children over school lessons and various activities, we show them how to help people in need. As we believed they will grow up and become a better person than us.

Start Small Dream Big 2020

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 8.48.46 pm.png

This project started when many people around us were affected in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Through this project, we hope to instill empathy in our children and at the same time, show love and kindness to people in our community. We aim to do so by giving thanks and sending encouragement to essential workers through meaningful activities.


During circuit breaker, our children learnt about Covid-19 through a series of home-based learning activities. Our team decided to hand sew face masks for our little ones to spread love and care. In the final phase of this project, we challenged our children and families to do the same by showing kindness to our community. Some ideas include designing a card for workers in the essential services or dedicating a video to our frontlines. 


This project encourages children and families to work together virtually and do our part in showing our care and appreciation for our community. Through this project, we hope to inculcate the values of care and empathy in our children.

NParks 2019


Children kicked off an inquiry-based curriculum on the 23rd of May. Using the resources provided by the NParks as part of this year’s Biodiversity week 2019, teachers planned activities that highlighted the endangered species in the book. This year’s focus is on the Dugong and its natural habitat, which included marine life and Singapore’s seagrass. After a sharing on the selected endangered species, the children were invited to use their activity books to deepen their learning.

As our inquiry-based curriculum coincided with NParks’ Biodiversity Week, the school also had the opportunity to be featured in this year Npark’s biodiversity week video!

NParks Biodiversity Week 2019 -

Marine Cove Beach Cleaning 2019


As part of our SSDB project, the children were involved in an inquiry-based curriculum whereby they learnt about the importance of protecting the endangered sea animals.

To reinforce children’s learning experiences, parents were invited to join the children for a beach cleaning to inculcate the love for the environment. Everyone played a part in making a difference in the environment by picking up pollutants on the beach.

Collaboration with Wild Wide Fund (WWF)


As part of our SSDB project, the school invited the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to spread awareness on the importance of Marine Conservation through an informative session with the children.

Children were excited to have WWF to share about Dugongs as they were embarking on a project about it! Through the fun and informative session, the children were able to ask questions to further their understanding and learning on marine animals!

One of the key sharing was on the impact of marine pollution.


After the session, the children were more determined to make a change to the environment and play their part to save the marine animals! They were then involved in a carnival to raise awareness and fund for WWF. Through the carnival, the children have worked hard to raise $1050 to contribute to the initiative to conserve marine life.

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