Bright Kids is the brainchild of Mr. and Mrs. Teo, who started its first child care centre in 1995. We believe that a child is like a seed that needs a lot of patience and tender loving care in order for it to grow into a healthy and sturdy tree. At Bright Kids, children feel comfortable, know what is expected of them and experience success through fun activities as they excel in all aspects of child development. Under a warm, secure and nurturing environment, children reach their fullest potential and develop into bright kids; thus giving the child care name – Bright Kids

Our Mission

To nurture active learners, responsible decision-makers and gracious citizens.

Our Vision

To be a school that provides experiential learning opportunities to inspire children to achieve competencies they need for real-world success.

Our Philosophy

To understand that each child is unique and recognize that individual differences and social diversity lead to greater ideas, creativity and performance.

Our Core Values

  • Inquisitive for Knowledge
    We strive for an environment where all are eager for knowledge and become active participants in creating rich connections between theory and application.
  • Accountability to Oneself
    By holding ourselves accountable for our thoughts, words and actions, we discipline ourselves to make ethical and responsible decisions to achieve success in life.
  • Graciousness to All
    We strive to cultivate gracious behaviour characterized by kindness and courtesy, tact and propriety, through frequent expression and leading by example.