Our Teachers

After our children, teachers are the next most important people in Bright Kids. They play a big part in the everyday interaction and learning experiences of the children. Thus, we are very selective in recruiting teachers to be part of our team. They are one of the first persons whom your child will be meeting and be taken care of by. Above all, GOOD character is highly sought after for our educators because "People of Good Character do the right thing, even if no one else does".  


Guided by the AECES Code of Ethics and Early Childhood pedagogy, our teachers are equipped to take on noble roles as teachers. Our teachers live up to the following ethos:

  • We believe in giving the best to all our children under our care.
  • We believe in keeping with the latest information in early childhood fields. Thus, training and upgrading is always our priority!
  • We always believe that the CHILD is our main focus. Henceforth, we do our utmost best to meet the CHILD's PIES - physical, intellectual, emotional and social developments.
  • We know what our children are like. We are knowledgeable about development sequences and individual differences to keep our curriculum both age and developmentally appropriate.

Through the years, we have gained valuable experiences working with children and families. We have implemented our knowledge and skills in both theory and practical applications.

Here at Bright Kids, the teachers are ever ready to serve you and your child with best practices and guiding principles.