Our Partners in Education - Parents 

The foundation of every child’s growth ultimately depends on the family as research has shown that “family involvement is critical to the educational success of children” (Kniepkamp, 2005, p.16). The collaboration between families and school leads to the parallel benefits for all parties involved: the children, their families, and even the school. A strong involvement and participation in the lives of our young children will empower and give them the confidence to overcome all setbacks, while motivating them to pursue higher limits. In return, families are able to experience the boundless satisfaction and anticipation of watching their child grow and develop in all areas of life.

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Here at Bright Kids, we advocate a strong partnership between parents and teachers with only one aim in mind – for the holistic growth and development of your young children. Communication between parents and the educators is vital in ensuring the best for the children. Parental involvement through activities such as Parent-Teacher Conference (PTCs), school’s potluck celebrations, excursions, birthday parties, and also constant communication with our educators will pave the road for the solid success and empowerment of your child.