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In recognition of the importance of educational experiences during the early years, Bright Kids School House believes in developmentally appropriate and carefully planned learning curriculum, which will have a positive impact on the children’s holistic development in the long term.

With a warm and cosy environment, we welcome children from 18 months to 6 years old. The food menu in the Centre is well catered to meet the daily nutritional needs of the children. A music room, various learning centres, interactive and engaging teaching materials and learning charts help to stimulate the children’s learning and development.

A key component of a quality Centre is the quality of our educators. All of our early childhood educators are qualified and professionally trained. They possess all the relevant and required training and qualifications; and constantly strive to improve themselves through ongoing skills development.

Working well with families and communities are essential attributes which are supported in our Centre’s philosophy. Thus, we not only have Parents-Teacher Meetings, we also conduct parents' workshops, family events as well as hands-on projects and field trips to benefit the children and build two-way communication channels with their families. These would also help to extend the children’s discovery, skills and knowledge for their future!


Singapore Citizens (POP scheme)

Classes Full Day Half Day
Nursery Two / Kindergarten One & Two $818.90 $614.20 (AM)
$562.70 (PM)
Nursery One / Playgroup $856.00 $642.00 (AM)
$569.40 (PM)

Non-Citizens (POP scheme) 

Classes Full Day Half Day
Nursery Two / Kindergarten One & Two


(With effect from Jan 2019)

$749.00 (am)
$684.80 (pm)
Nursery One / Playgroup $1037.90 $781.10 (AM)
$716.90 (PM)